Magen David
Sephardic Congregation of Scarsdale

Candle Lighting Times & Calendar:

Three Weeks in the month of Av - 2018 / 5778

Three weeks schedule 2018

17th of Tammuz Fast (Nidkheh)
Sunday 1 July Fast Begins 4:16 AM
Shahareet 8:00 AM (with Talit & Tephilim)
Minha 7:45 PM (with Talit & Tephilim)                     
Fast Ends 8:31 PM

Rosh Hodesh Ab
Friday 13 July Shahareet 6:30 AM

9th of Ab Fast (nidkheh)

21 July   cease eating 8:22 PM
    Minha 8:30 PM
    Shabbat ends 8:57 PM
    Kinot/ Eikha 9:15 PM

Sunday 22 July    Shahareet 8:00 AM (no talit & Tephilim)
Minha 7:30PM (talit & Tephilim)
fast ends 8:57 PM

Birkat Halebana


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